The first fundraising initiative agreed upon by members of the Board was to invite well-wishers to subscribe as FOUNDING BENEFACTORS.

A founding benefactor is any individual or organization that is among the first 200 to have donated at least Kenya shillings 100,000/- (or USD 1,000 or € 1,000).

As at the 31st of December 2016 the foundation had in its records 28 founding benefactors. The highest contributor had donated in excess of Kenya shillings 2 million while a number had donated well beyond the prescribed minimum.

The founding benefactors receive a certificate of appreciation and are enrolled into the list of founding benefactors. The Board of Directors of the foundation are selected from the founding benefactors. Inclusion in the list of founding benefactors is automatic upon contribution of the prescribed minimum.


Various individuals and organizations make contributions to the Foundation. Some of these donors choose to make regular contributions which may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

If you wish to enroll as a regular benefactor to the foundation for as little as Kshs. 1,000 per year (US$ 10 or € 10), we have agents who can assist with enrolling you. Enrolment enables the Foundation to keep in touch with you to update you of any developments.


The foundation aims to collect one million kilograms of old newspapers to raise funds for its activities.

This initiative begun in 2016 and has yielded positive results so far. The foundation has partnered with a company that has assured it that all newspapers collected will be purchased.


All donations received are invested and the foundation has a target return of not less than 10% p.a.

All proceeds from the investments made are used exclusively for bursaries and for growing the fund with a view to giving even more scholarships in the future.


Some local and overseas donors have identified the foundation as a credible channel for their charitable work. These partners provide funds and identify those they wish to sponsor. The foundation is charged with ensuring that the funds received are used as indicated by the donors.

Currently the foundation is in partnership with one donor based in Kenya and four based in Italy.


The foundation encourages well-wishers to name it as a beneficiary when they prepare their wills. On its part, the foundation will endeavor to ensure that those who bequeath a sizeable donation to the foundation will be recognized and remembered in a fitting manner as shall be determined by the Board of Directors.